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Contact Person: Phil Jacobsen
Phone: (407) 729-1520

Manage from The Cloud! Plan, schedule, coordinate, collaborate, monetize, and track. Attain preferential user endorsement with our Silverlight-based premium user experience. Enjoy availability, scalability, and security from the Windows Azure cloud.

PROJECT PLANNING: Manage unlimited numbers of projects with unlimited work breakdown structure. Organize, plan, and schedule all or your projects simultaneously in Gantt Chart view. Track actual time, cost, billing, and completion dates against baseline objectives. Fluidly build projects and assign resources with blazingly fast resource leveling (patent pending). Insert new projects and tasks directly into the project list, or create them with the project wizard. Estimate task duration in minutes, hours, or days - or simply resize task bars to desired durations. Assign specific employees, or assign skills for schedule-optimized dynamic resource assignment. Rich project profiles include portfolio, type, category, status, priority, customer, custom fields, and more. Optionally distribute project management responsibilities via delegation and outsourcing options.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Track employee efforts for your entire department, global enterprise, or small business. Rich employee profiles include user role, job title, status, skill sets, shift, custom fields, and more. The organizational hierarchy enables distributed management with enterprise time and cost rollup.

DASHBOARDS and REPORTS: Summarily visualize the state of your projects, tasks, assignments, resources, customers, and organizations. Dashboards are interactive, letting you focus on particular time periods and views. View dashboards within AcuProject solutions, and via mobile devices. Report/export actual & planned effort, dates, cost, billing, variances, and KPIs for any date range. Dozens of predefined reports, plus a report writer for custom formatting, printing, and exporting. Multiple report styles are supported, including standard columner, timesheet, and Gantt Chart.

COLLABORATION: Run collaborative apps directly within AcuProject solutions, or use mobile devices. Use the Calendar app to view your work itinerary and enter task progress. Use the Inbox app to view requests, alerts, issues - and even view and approve timesheets. The Project Forum contains all blogs, notes, and messages associated with any project or task. Collaborate on task blogs, requests, alerts, status reports, timesheet notes, and issues. Optionally enable the auditing feature (Audit tab) to log changes made to projects, resources, etc..

COSTS, BILLING, BUDGETS: Generate costs and billing via hourly rates (regular & overtime), salaries, and fixed project fees. Set rates by employee, skill, project, customer, organization, cost center, job title - or combinations thereof. Establish project budgets, and receive auto-alerts when actual or planned cost exceeds budget.

SECURITY: Access is protected via login and password, backed by robust cloud infrastructure security and backup. AcuProject's underlying organizational hierarchy ensures user data views commensurate with hierarchy seating. Granular menu and data views are controlled via configurable user roles (administrator, manager, timekeeper, etc..

  • Offers support via dedicated support ticket management system
  • Offers telephone AND email support
  • Uses the latest technology
  • Offers a free trial
  • Industry experience and credentials
  • Service level agreements provided
  • Is updated with new features on a regular basis
  • Provides users with options to customise application
  • Provides a forum to customers
  • Charges a monthly fee and no setup fee
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