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Contact Person: Carles Cabre
Phone: 650.823.2418
Leadzer is a do-it-yourself SEO solution that helps small and mid-sized companies to optimize the ROI of their websites. Leadzer is the simplest and fastest way to attract high-quality organic traffic by positioning long-tail keywords in search engines. We can turn your website into your most powerful sales tool!

How does Leadzer work?
- It identifies the best long-tail keywords for your business (local, product-specific, category-related, pricing and other attributes).
- It automatically creates landing pages to position each long-tail keyword and gets top rankings thanks to Matrix Search technology.
- It drives high-quality visits that are easily converted into customers as landing pages look like your website (automatic content generation and layout extractor).
- It provides an intuitive dashboard and analytics.

Why are long-tail keywords important in driving high-quality traffic?
Although more than 90% of searches in search engines are long-tail keywords, many websites and home pages with static content are unable to attract this wide number of visitors who are potentially interested in your product. Long-tail keywords offer great advantages: genuine interest in the product or service, better conversion rates as users find what they are looking for, higher willingness to pay, lower number of companies looking to position the same keyword.

Leadzer uses Matrix Search ( a revolutionary SEO technology that has been optimizing customers’ websites in the U.S. and Europe. The company is owned by Inspirit Group (, a holding company specializing in technologies founded in 1995 with offices in Silicon Valley, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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