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Maxwell Davidson

Maxwell Davidson

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Phone: 14242726675

30 days free
We're positive you'll find Maxpanda to be a world class maintenance management software tool for your business. That's why we offer an initial 30 day free access period when you purchase any one of our plans. This grace period can provide you more than enough time to personalize your Maxpanda account the way you want. Need help importing large data or creating a physical asset count for your properties? Contact us - we have Data Engineers and Project Managers ready to assist.

No contracts or hidden fees
Traditionally, work order software companies appreciate it when they lock you into a contract. Once locked in, you and your data are at their mercy. Maxpanda is here to give you all the tools (and moral support) that you need to manage your team and your clients work order requests. And we do it all for less with no hidden fees. What you see is what you pay. There are no hidden fees or term contracts. Maxpanda accepts credit card payments through Paypal.

No setup charges*
What you see is what you pay. Use your first 30 day free grace period to familiarize yourself with your account. Setup up your teams, contractor information, assets, preventative maintenance work orders, buildings and locations. The best part is that you don't have to enter this information right away. We've built Maxpanda to be adaptive to your time table. Need a new work order placed on an asset that is not in the software? Enter the asset information on the fly and apply the work order to it. Edit the asset later on when you have more time to capture the serial number and other pertinent data.

Pay as you go
All our paid pricing plans are charged monthly on your credit card. Increase / Decrease your plan as you see fit. Found a better solution than Maxpanda (rare but might happen) simply export all your data into a cvs/excel/sql file formats and cancel your plan when your ready.

Maxpanda charges a one time fee of $5 for our Free version.
This ensures account integrity through credit card validation
and keeps the dragons at bay!

  • Offers support via dedicated support ticket management system
  • Offers telephone AND email support
  • Uses the latest technology
  • Offers a free trial
  • Industry experience and credentials
  • Service level agreements provided
  • Provides third party integration via API
  • Is updated with new features on a regular basis
  • Provides users with options to customise application
  • Provides a forum to customers
  • Charges a monthly fee and no setup fee
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