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Lots of people are talking about SaaS applications, in particular a number of bloggers.  We've outlined some of the most prolific independent SaaS bloggers here.  If you're a SaaS blogger and you think you should be included in this list get in touch.

Twitter Account
Site registered on
 Ben Kepes Yes 17/06/08
 Dennis Howlett Yes 21/09/05
 Daniel Druker No Unknown
 Nicholas Carr No 03/02/05
 Geva Perry No Unknown
 Chirag Mehta No Unknown
 John M Willis No 18/05/07
 Werner Vogels Yes 04/11/04
 Craig Balding No 15/04/08
 Lydia Leong No 18/06/08
 Kirsty Lee No 17/10/08



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